Meet Lizelle, a natural medium and psychic. She inherited her gifts from her grandmother and great-grandparents all in the service of spirit.  She connects with your loved ones, spirit guides and more.

She is able to see past lives and help you connect with your own psychic senses.  She is also able to connect to different realms such as the elemental and animal kingdom. These, in turn, can serve as your totems and guides.  Her connection to the star beings also bring messages of great importance to the ever-evolving universe.

Learn, grow and free your own senses with Lizelle, opening your heart to universal love.


Marty was born psychic, and has been doing readings most of her adult life.  Her readings are a combination of tarot card, used during the first half of the reading, to gain an insight as to the current status, and future of the person she is reading for.

The second part of the reading is done with tea leaf, where the tea leaves are used to gain better insight and clarity to that which the cards offered.  With the tea leaf Marty is able to see names, numbers and dates, which makes her skills rather unique. Her readings are very accurate if you want to know where you are in your life, what the future holds, and also if you have a specific life situation that needs clarity and an answer.  Sittings are from one to two hours, depending on the complexity of your life situation.


Lerinda specialises in animal communication. She is able, through meditation, to connect with any type of domestic pet. Her readings offer insight into the personalities of these pets. She is able to solve the mystery of why your pet is acting up, or just do a general reading on the animal. She is able to share your pets thoughts with you and is also able to speak with your pet if you want a specific behaviour modification. All she needs is a photograph of your pet, the name and sex of the pet, and the questions that you would like answered. The reading is put into letter format and emailed to you once done.